GNU MCU Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM & RISC-V development

GNU ARM → GNU MCU Eclipse!

RISC-V logoStarting with Eclipse plug-ins v4.x, the project was enhanced with support for RISC-V devices, thus the new MCU name, more appropriate for a multi-platform project. For more details, see the RISC-V Corner and RISC-V GCC page.

GNU MCU Eclipse is an open source project that includes a family of Eclipse plug-ins and tools for multi-platform embedded ARM and RISC-V development, based on GNU toolchains. This project is hosted on GitHub. The former project was hosted on GitHub and SourceForge.

The GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins

RISC-V logoThese plug-ins provide Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) extensions for GNU embedded toolchains like GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors, Linaro, GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC, etc.

In short, the GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins allow to create, build, debug and in general to manage ARM & RISC-V projects (executables and static/shared libraries, in both 32 and 64-bit versions) with the Eclipse framework (currently tested up to Eclipse 4.10 2018-12). The plug-ins run on Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux. For more details please visit the Features page.

Create new STM32F4 C++ project

Additional tools

Apart from the main Eclipse plug-ins, this project also includes several additional tools, distributed as separate packages.

  • GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC

    The GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC subproject is a new distribution of the bare metal version of RISC-V GCC, maintained by SiFive. Binaries for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are available.

  • GNU MCU Eclipse Windows Build Tools

    The GNU MCU Eclipse Windows Build Tools subproject includes the additional tools required to perform builds on Windows (make & rm).

  • GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD

    The GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD subproject is a new distribution of OpenOCD, customised for a better/more convenient integration with the GNU ARM OpenOCD Debugging plug-in. It also includes the code from the RISC-V OpenCOD project, required to support debugging for the RISC-V devices. Binaries for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are available.

  • GNU MCU Eclipse QEMU

    The GNU MCU Eclipse QEMU subproject is a fork of QEMU (an open source machine emulator), intended to provide support for Cortex-M emulation in GNU MCU Eclipse. Binaries for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are available.

    The STM32F4-Discovery 4 LEDs

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