Eclipse Embedded CDT

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU Arm & RISC-V development

Discussions forum


The GNU MCU Eclipse project has a dedicated section in the xPack forum.

GNU MCU Eclipse forum


The forum goal was to facilitate experience sharing between GNU MCU Eclipse users and as a place to post questions and support requests. In case a problem is identified as bug or feature request, please use the corresponding GitHub Issues.


The new URL is:

The forum type is open, and anyone can contribute. Access is free, based on registration.

All those who appreciated the discussions on the old forum are invited to register to the Tapatalk server and join the new forums.


The GNU MCU Eclipse Group is one of the many groups available in the xPack Forums. Scroll the window down and select the GNU MCU Eclipse group.

Under this group there are separate forums, for the build plug-ins, for the debug plug-ins, and for general discussions.


The previous forum hosted on the Element14 site is now decommissioned and should no longer be used.