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GNU MCU Eclipse Windows Build Tools v2.9-20170629 released

Version 2.9-20170629 is a maintenance release of the GNU MCU Eclipse Windows Build Tools.

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The GNU MCU Eclipse Build Tools v2.9 package includes the version 4.1 of GNU make (built from MSYS2 source files), and version 1.26.0-git of BusyBox, which provides a convenient implementation for sh/rm/echo/mkdir.


The BusyBox sources were upgraded to the latest available release.

Known problems

  • the folder structure generated by the Windows setup was wrong, it included an unnecessary level \bin\bin.


The new Windows Build Tools can be downloaded from the GitHub Release page.

Separate setup and archive files are provided for Windows 32/64-bit systems.


The SHA-256 hashes for the files are:

83369ff3ec687850e265195a96d043aecc47230499597ecf0e1a76d6adeab44d ?

ff291c54c733792be83ad4c0c60058d99251216631a0c50cb507bfd9903f4305 ?

7f3269b2051ff020560aac81f6a46c8508f380d17f5d4ca9d4f30e60518e82b0 ?

79fd2ea1e3d719c66140e2d0a771543f3f39c3d7644ea2c344590aea74907f84 ?