GNU MCU Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM & RISC-V development

How to publish the OpenOCD binaries?

The OpenOCD binaries are published on GitHub Releases).

Update the Change log

Open the gnu-mcu-eclipse/info/CHANGES.txt file from gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd-build.git and copy entries to the web git.

In the web git, add new entries to the Change log (pages/openocd/, grouped by days.

Update INFO

Edit the info/INFO.txt file from openocd-build.git and update the latest commits.

Commit the project git

In gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd.git, commit all changes. Remember the commit ID.

Merge stable release

For stable releases, with SourceTree

  • change to the gnu-mcu-eclipse branch
  • merge gnu-mcu-eclipse-dev.

Push the project git

With SourceTree, push to the GitHub remote, the gnu-mcu-eclipse and the gnu-mcu-eclipse-dev branches.

Edit the build script

Edit the OPENOCD_GIT_COMMIT variable to point to the actual commit.

Push the build script git

Push gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd-build.git to GitHub.

Possibly push the helper project too.

Check/clone/pull build scripts

Be sure the scripts in gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd-build.git are up to date.

$ git clone --recurse-submodules \


Important note: Before starting the build, double check if the repository is clean (all changes were committed), otherwise the build version will be stamped with -dirty.

$ bash ~/Downloads/openocd-build.git/scripts/ cleanall
$ caffeinate bash ~/Downloads/openocd-build.git/scripts/ --all

For more details, see the build page.


Test the binaries on all platforms.

Prepare a new blog post

In the web git:

  • add a new file to _posts/openocd/releases
  • name the file like
  • name the post like: GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD v0.10.0-1-20160110 released.
  • as download_url use the generic (will be updated later after the release is created)
  • update the date: field with the current date
  • copy commit URLs from the GNU MCU Eclipse fork

Close issues on the way. Refer to them as:

  • [Issue:[#22](…)].

Update the SHA sums

Copy/paste the build report at the end of the post as

## Checksums
The SHA-256 hashes for the files are:

2c9cd4585d7a44cb80dc65fa5e1a46decc3ce2ba1d28ad0da4301c33ee6bcbb3 ?

896f00121cd9df505182266924c7bdbe201b6de85edca58b9144331f3bf75d39 ?

8926cb9cc4cd2894f6b5c8da06943569f497313f8e77dcf5641320b7889eb859 ?

605e38cd489190ed01d40be130c3be5d70e3370ffc4182f1b561de089a017116 ?

b757fb3c838ea82c88adae74043918b552c8ca48de0eb99c3507f321b97db5f5 ?

Update the xPack

Update the gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd-xpack.git project to the new version.

  • update baseUrl:
  • from the blog post, copy the SHA & file names
  • commit all changes, use a message like 0.10.0-5.1 (without v)
  • npm version 0.10.0-5.1
  • don’t publish yet, wait for the release

Update the web

  • commit the project; use a message like OpenOCD v0.10.0-5-20171110 released
  • push the web project
  • wait for the Travis build to complete; occasionally links to not work, and might need to restart the build.
  • remember the post URL, since it must be updated in the release page

Note: initially the link to binaries points to the parent releases folder, otherwise Travis will complain and do not publish the site to

Create a new GitHub release

  • for stable releases, be sure the gnu-mcu-eclipse branch is up to date and set as default
  • go to the GitHub Releases page
  • click Draft a new release
  • name the tag like v0.10.0-5-20171110 (mind the dashes in the middle!)
  • select the gnu-mcu-eclipse or gnu-mcu-eclipse-dev branch
  • name the release like GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD v0.10.0-5-20171110
  • as description
    • add a downloads badge like [![Github Releases (by Release)](](); use empty URL for now
    • copy the first paragraph from the Web release page
  • add a link to the Web page [Continue reading »](); use an empty URL for now
  • get URL from web and update the above links
  • attach binaries and SHA (drag and drop from the archives folder will do it)
  • click the Publish Release button

Note: at this moment the system should send a notification to all clients watching this project.

In the web git:

  • download_url:
  • commit with a message like v0.10.0-5-20171110 update link

Publish the xPack

In the gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd-xpack.git project:

  • npm publish

Copy binaries to archive

  • go to .../GNU MCU Eclipse/archive
  • move the latest binaries and SHA to releases/openocd

Share on Facebook

  • go to the new post and follow the Share link.
  • DO NOT select On your own Timeline, but On a Page you manage
  • select GNU MCU Eclipse
  • posting as GNU MCU Eclipse
  • click Post to Facebook
  • check the post in the Facebook page