Eclipse Embedded CDT

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU Arm & RISC-V development

GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC v7.2.0-1-20171109 released GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins v4.2.1-201711101735 released

GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD v0.10.0-5-20171110 released

Version v0.10.0-5-20171110 is a maintenance release; the main change was to patch the RISC-V code to no longer print the 4096 CSRs.

Binary files »


  • update to the latest RISC-V 055a70f commit and to the master 7719e96 commit from Aug 10th, 2017
  • patch the monitor reg command to no longer display the RISC-V 4096 CSRs
  • revert the risc-v changes in remote_bitbang.c, since they break the build on mingw-w64

Differences from RISC-V releases

The monitor reg command does not display the 4096 CSRs.

The following configuration files were added:

  • board/sifive-e31arty.cfg
  • board/sifive-e51arty.cfg
  • board/sifive-hifive1.cfg

Known problems

  • none

Build notes

The build environment uses Debian 9 Docker containers.


Binaries for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are provided. For Windows and macOS, separate installable and plain archives are provided.


The SHA-256 hashes for the files are:

06e474fe8e5070c84a80c7ffcb697e616a5f2a60f6178cc0c1ccd330c3e052f2 ?

1c96b1e906fcaab55d5e3842049d05f76cb917c4bd5fbe71da9a0838d6519127 ?

528722a2da544ed29c390c73ed2027c23f03df8d8ecd363b6f5f32df28ceca06 ?

0a8486eecd5b7d1a8d9a9a3d63a8374d918bd4665a617c300f06950791f55b40 ?

26bdcec5e696eadd52df8600070f5353f298b26e3dc456015cceb6f54ab367a2 ?

de3550c296611883587483073c3be9597a904e961a85c8e866ea499978eacc04 ?

142ee2936693f16205ba82adf3d0bee90cc4e9e279951c2b18a3929a7552cb8e ?

0ec4539ca660d80f5ad1a6000f41852647ef93afc26a11d01f4bda5847277bfc ?