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A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU Arm & RISC-V development

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GNU MCU Eclipse Windows Build Tools v2.10-20180103 released

Version 2.10-20180103 is a maintenance release of the GNU MCU Eclipse Windows Build Tools.

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The GNU MCU Eclipse Build Tools v2.10 package includes the version 4.2.1 of GNU make (built from MSYS2 source files), and version 1.28.0-git of BusyBox, which provides a convenient implementation for sh/rm/echo/mkdir.


Both the make and BusyBox sources were upgraded to the latest available.

Known problems

  • none so far


The new Windows Build Tools can be downloaded from the GitHub Release page.

Separate archive files are provided for Windows 32/64-bit systems.

Note: In preparation for the xPack distribution, only portable archives are provided; Windows setups are no longer supported.


The SHA-256 hashes for the files are:

25b495b340d84b971736a5dfc2a639608c19b5d9d30d14e86e870c1ce461b855 ?

da147a2cd378183af1d19ecb655637b5b1deedb691fac25657d9d0e2a102e1be ?