GNU MCU Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM & RISC-V development

GNU MCU Eclipse ARM Embedded GCC v8.2.1-1.6 20190510 released GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC v8.2.0-2.2 20190521 released

GNU MCU Eclipse QEMU v2.8.0-6 20190517 released

Version 2.8.0-6 20190517 is a maintenance release, to fix the bug affecting the graphical mode in GNU/Linux, introduced in the previous release.

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Bug fixes

  • [#68] in the previous version, due to a build error, the SDL2 library did not include X11 support, and QEMU was not able to start in graphical mode when running on GNU/Linux; X11 support was added to the build environment and the included SDL2 was fixed.

Known problems

  • Ctrl-C does not interrupt the execution if the --nographic option is used.


Binaries for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are provided.

Build notes

The GNU/Linux binaries were built on two CentOS 6 Docker images (32/64-bit), and run on any distribution based on CentOS 6 or later.

The Windows binaries were built with mingw-w64, and run on any reasonably recent i686 and x86_64 Windows machines.

Easy install

QEMU is also available as an xPack and can be conveniently installed with xpm:

$ xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/qemu@2.8.0-6.1

To install the latest version available, use:

$ xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/qemu

Note: The method to select the path based on the xPack version was already added to the Eclipse plug-in, but for now is only available in the version published on the test site (

Manual install

Instructions on how to install the binaries are available in the How to install the QEMU binaries? page.


The SHA-256 hashes for the files are: